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Silver Mono

Silver Mono

Scientific Name: Monodactylus argenteus

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Origin: Coastal areas from East Africa to Indonesia

Family: Monodactylidae


Other Names: Mono,Silver Moony, Malayan Angel, Mono Angel, Silver Mono



Technical Info

Temperature: 24 - 28 ℃

pH: 7 - 7.5

GH: 8 - 12

Max size: 25 cm

Min Tank size: 250 Ltr

Position in Aqua: No special swimming level



Peaceful lively schooling fish from the brackish areas around the Indian Ocean. Sometimes he lives in sweet water but they always return quickly to brackish water. It is not wise to keep them in sweet water all the time. The aquarium should be set up with coral sand and plants from brackwater areas. Stones and roots can be used as well. They need a lot of free swimming space.



They are omnivorous. You should give them a great variety of live, frozen and dry food. Small fishes are eaten as well. A part of the food should be vegetable.



About breeding in the aquarium nothing is known.


Compatible with

Monos. are compatible with most other brackish water fish such as Archers, Scats, Puffers, Fan Dancer Gobies, and White Tip Shark Cats.