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Five color nyassae

Five color nyassae

Scientific Name: Aulonocara nyassae

Price: Upon Request

Origin: Lake Malawi

Family: Cichlidae


Other Names: OB Peacock Cichlid



Technical Info

Temperature: 25 - 28 ℃

pH: 7.8 - 8.5

GH: 18 - 25

Max size: 16 cm

Min Tank size: 200 Ltr

Position in Aqua: No special swimming level



Plenty of hiding places should be provided for these fish. They are classed as a fairly peaceful species of Malawi, keep 1 male to a group of females.



In the wild, this fish will sift through the substrate looking for small crustaceans. In the aquarium it will accept quality flake and cichlid pellets. Adding vegetable matter to the tank will benefit this fish, lettuce and shelled peas are ideal.



Provide plenty of rock work for hiding places, plenty of water changes and these fish will breed themselves. The female will mouth brood the young for 3-4 weeks before releasing the fry. The fry will be able to consume crushed flake immediately.


Compatible with

They are generally peaceful, although males may quarrel over females or territory. In the wild, they live in large groups.



Provide smooth rocks to form caves and, because they need hard, alkaline water to thrive, lay down a fine-grade dolomite or coral-based gravel substrate. This is a sizable fish that needs room to swim and maneuver.