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Madder Seaperch Anthias

Madder Seaperch Anthias

Scientific Name: Pseudanthias dispar

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Origin: West Pacific

Family: Serranidae


Other Names: Pseudanthias dispar, Mirolabrichthys dispar, Dispar Anthias, Madder Seaperch, Redfin Anthias



Technical Info

Temperature: 22 - 26 ℃

pH: 8.1 - 8.4

GH: 8 - 12

SG: 1.020 - 1.025

Max size: 10 cm

Min Tank size: 280 Ltr

Position in Aqua: Middle swimmer



The Madder Seaperch Anthias has an orange to lavender body. Males have a bright red dorsal fin and lack any red stripes on their tail. The female may display a yellowish-orange on the top and pale lavender to white on the underside.



Zooplankton and floating filamentous algae. In the aquarium, it should be fed a varied diet of mysid shrimp, vitamin-enriched brine shrimp, frozen preparations and other meaty items for zooplankton feeders. They prefer to be fed small quantities, several times daily.



Anthias species all share the trait of being hermaphroditic. If a dominant male perishes, the largest female of the group will often morph to take its place.


Compatible with

They are a very peaceful, reef-safe species and should only be housed with other peaceful, community oriented tank mates. Because of their hermaphroditic hierarchical nature, there should only be one male of the species housed at a time (two males will commonly fight until only one is left). Dispar Anthias require the presence of their own kind and it's recommended that they be kept in groups of five or more.



Due to their constant activity and high metabolisms, they should be fed at least two, preferably three times a day.