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Fire Cracker Tropheus Kasanga

Fire Cracker Tropheus Kasanga

Scientific Name: Tropheus moorii

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Origin: Lake Tanganyika, Africa

Family: Cichlidae


Other Names: Red rainbow kasanga, Tropheus moorii kasanga, Tropheus Moorii Kasanga 'Red Rainbow', Red Fire Cracker Tropheus, Firecracker Tropheus



Technical Info

Temperature: 26 - 28 ℃

pH: 8 - 8.5

GH: 10 - 20

Max size: 10 cm

Min Tank size: 100 Ltr

Position in Aqua: No special swimming level



Fire Cracker Tropheus Kasanga has a protruding dorsal fin but some fish may show a blue dorsal. Their aggressive conspecific behavior, their temperament in the tank along with their tendency to catch "bloat" or internal parasite makes the red rainbow a real challenge, these cichlids should be kept only by experienced fish keepers.A school of 12 or more Red rainbow kasanga can make an astonishing display.



Feed plenty of algae based foods including flake and pellets. They are a algae, phyto-plankton and plant eater so must have a vegetable based diet



Fire Cracker Tropheus Kasanga is mouthbrooder. The female will take the unfertilized eggs in her mouth; eggs will be fertilized after the male release his milt into her mouth. This process occurs when the female follow the male very close to his anal fin. Fry can be feed with brine shrimps or with crushed flake foods


Compatible with

Ideal tank mates include: African Catfish, Other African Cichlids, Plecos



Tropheus are an aggressive cichlid towards others of its own species so should be kept in groups of 6 or more preferably in a species aquarium.