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Assorted Bubble Eye

Assorted Bubble Eye

Scientific Name: Carassius auratus

Price: Upon Request

Origin: China

Family: Cyprinidae


Other Names: Water Bubble Eye Goldfish, Bubble Eye Goldfish, Carassius auratus auratus, Bubble Eye



Technical Info

Temperature: 18 - 22 ℃

pH: 7 - 8

GH: 5 - 19

Max size: 20 cm

Min Tank size: 75 Ltr

Position in Aqua: No special swimming level



Most people love or shun the Bubble Eye Goldfish, due to its very strange an unnatural appearance. The Bubble Eye Goldfish has huge, fluid-filled sacks under its eyes and unlike many other goldfish variants the eyes point upwards. The body of the Bubble Eye Goldfish is egg-shaped and relatively slim compared to many other goldfish types. Colour variations include red, blue, chocolate, calico, black, red/white and red/black. Just like with many other goldfish varieties, the black colour is not a stable colour in Bubble Eye Goldfish. The anal, ventral and pectoral fins are paired and the back should be without any hump.



Since they are omnivorous, the Bubble Eye Goldfish will generally eat all kinds of fresh, frozen, and flake foods. To keep a good balance give them a high quality flake food everyday. To care for your Bubble Eye Goldfish, feed brine shrimp (either live or frozen), blood worms, Daphnia, or tubifex worms as a treat. It is usually better to feed freeze-dried foods as opposed to live foods to avoid parasites and bacterial infections that could be present in live foods.



Bubble Eye Goldfish are egg layers that spawn readily in the right conditions. Breeding often results in up to 1,000 eggs, with fry hatching in five to six days. They should be fed small pieces of live or prepared foods designed for egg-laying fish. The bubble on the fish will start to grow at the age of 6 to 7 months.


Compatible with

hile Bubble Eye Goldfish are relatively harmless to other fish, it's the other fish that can do harm to the goldfish. Keep the Bubble Eye goldfish in a tank with other goldfish that are slower moving, with the same vision impairment. The faster, better seeing goldfish can get to all the food faster.



You need to keep your Bubble Eye Goldfish in an aquarium without any sharp objects or even pointy plants. The bubbles can burst easily, but if a bubble is hurt it will usually grow back but it can take some time. In most cases, the shape and size of the new bubble will be different from the original bubble so the two bubbles will not match anymore. This is a big setback if you want to compete with your Bubble Eye Goldfish and bring it to shows, but it is not a problem for the fish.