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Fire Shrimp

Fire Shrimp

Scientific Name: Lysmata debelius

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Origin: Indo-Pacific

Family: Hippolytidae


Other Names: Blood Red Fire Shrimp, Blood shrimp, Scarlet cleaner shrimp



Technical Info

Temperature: 22 - 26 ℃

pH: 8.1 - 8.4

GH: 8 - 12

SG: 1.20 - 1.025

Max size: 5 cm

Min Tank size: 110 Ltr

Position in Aqua: Bottom swimmer



It has a blood-red body with white spots and long white antennae. Depending on which region of the Indo-Pacific from which it originates, it may have the white dots just on its carapace, or covering its entire body.



The diet of the Fire Shrimp should include freeze-dried, live or frozen foods, and flaked foods.



Fire Shrimp regularly fill with eggs in the home aquarium, but raising the larvae is extremely challenging - mainly due to predation by tankmates, strong currents sucking them into the filtration system, and difficulty in feeding them with appropriately sized foodstuffs such as phytoplankton.


Compatible with

Don't keep them with larger fish that may eat them. Being cleaners, most fish somehow know not to eat them, but if a larger fish is hungry you don't know what they'll do.



Reef with caution.